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Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with each customer to match the best equipment to your needs, desires, and constraints. We strive to create long-term relationships, not one-time sales.

We invite you to come by our store for an audition. You will find a comfortable, low-pressure environment with 4 showrooms. We offer new, demo, and trade-in equipment for sale.

You will be served by our staff, who are as passionate as you are about both music and audio equipment. Our experienced trio of home audio professionals seek out the finest in source components, amplification, and speakers in each price range. Take your time, ask questions, listen at your leisure; we’re here to help.

We are particularly proud of our experience in source equipment. We have extensive knowledge of both analog audio and modern digital streaming. We also have the largest selection of hands-on turntables, phono stages, streamers and DACs in the Middle Atlantic.

Command Performance A/V

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Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V3 days ago
Rolling Stone lists the 100 greatest metal albums of all times. Most will agree on many of the albums included, few on the ranking! What's your #1?

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V4 days ago
Mapleshade will soon be introducing a price increase on their Samson line of audio racks. If you've been on the fence about getting one of these incredible racks, now is the time to act! Orders must be received by the end of this week to guarantee current pricing.

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V5 days ago
Another great review of the Auralic Polaris integrated amp, this time from HiFi Plus! This is one phenomenal "swiss army knife" which does it all in one compact & attractive chassis!

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V1 week ago
Great review of the new Bluesound soundbar + sub. There's an additional review in this month's Sound & Vision as well which hasn't made it online yet. These are one of the best soundbars we've heard to date - and the wireless sub is very convenient, compact and sounds great!

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V1 week ago
Another strong review of the Mr. Speaker's Ether Flow headphones. We have both the Ether Flow and Flow C (closed back) available for demo.

We also had a chance to listen to the AEON and the upcoming electrostatic model at LAAS. The AEON was incredibly comfortable as well as offering all of the great sound Mr Speaker headphones are known for. The electrostatic model brought clarity and detail to a whole new level! We're very excited for both models to round out the Mr Speakers line at the entry and top of the line level.