Allison Acoustics Model 3 Speakers


Specially Priced At: $300

Allison Three Speakers (Trade)

Allison Acoustics Model 3 floor-standing speakers in good condition. These have just undergone professional replacement of bass driver surrounds. Original boxes available.

Unlike many other loudspeaker systems of recent years which depart from a conventional box format, the Allison models One through Four are not clever solutions looking in vain for problems to be solved. Instaed they were developed as rational answers to real problems that are important and audible to anyone. Every aspect of their design is functional, and they are uniquely accurate sound reproducers in the only environment that really matters: a room for listening to music.

More than a year of full-time research on the room-loudspeaker interaction has shown that reflected impedance from the room boundaries increases a conventional loudspeaker’s power output at very low frequencies, but decreases it significantly in the middle-bass range.

Allison Three systems have flat bass power output in room corners, a capability shared only by huge corner horn systems. The cabinet should rest on the floor or, with the system inverted, it can be put close to the ceiling. Full design performance will be maintained if the distance to these room surfaces does not exceed three inches.

One 10″ (254 mm) woofers;
One 3½” (89 mm) Convex Diaphragm mid-range units;
One 1″ (25 mm) Convex Diaphragm tweeters
Crossover frequencies:  350 and 3,750 Hz

Weight:  45 lbs