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Produced with Pride by Danish Craftsmen

Take your high-end audio system to the next level. All Ansuz products are developed with this simple goal in mind: maintaining the purity and stability of electronic and mechanical connections.

Creating ideal connections is not just using first-rate materials in a technologically advanced way. It’s also about understanding how audio components interact—the way the signals, currents, and vibrations move through your system. The difference can be heard anytime you wish, at Command Performance AV.

The performance of these cables is truly remarkable. They simply place less of a filter between you and your music. The details are much better preserved and presented to you in a natural way, leaving you stunned at what your system has been missing.

Superior grounding, low inductance, and less stray capacitance are important in creating optimum conditions for achieving well-performing connections between your audio components. But the migration of charge in an out of the dielectricum has a huge influence on the way cables interact with fine details in the music signal as well. Paying careful attention to acquire the finest materials and crafting them into cables that are electronically pure and mechanically sound is one thing. Creating the technology to achieve the next level of performance is what sets Ansuz apart.

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