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Fezz Audio vacuum tube amplifiers

Many of us, when seeing amplifiers from the past years immediately think of this popular slogan: ” Nobody makes these things anymore.” However, when we are fortunate to purchase such amplifiers, we treat them as something unusual. We look for the best place to display them, we cherish the moment of turning them on and we don’t hesitate to brag about those “treasures” to our visitors. This of course has its roots in a great sentiment for the past. Why is this so? Most probably because it’s a vacuum tube amplifier with a characteristic warm and natural sound. The greatest artists used this type of amplifier to make their best records. It turns out that many musicians even today use only the analog amplifiers stating that “Vacuum tube simply plays better and has a soul and mood of its own”.

After purchasing, setting up and connecting an amplifier one may wonder if this 40 year old technology can be reliable. In addition, current vacuum tube amplifiers are expensive and not widely available. Fezz Audio presents an alternative solution with equal sound quality, unmatched design concept, and all for the price of the average market “transistor.”

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