Fezz Audio B-Stock Sale!

We Are Continuing Our Fezz B-Stock Sale

Fezz Audio is Poland’s leading brand of tube amplifiers. These are great-sounding and -looking integrated amps. Fezz’s in-house designed and built proprietary toroidal transformers are the secret to their fantastic sound. There are many great reviews on their website.

We have a limited inventory of cosmetically B-stock units of each model. The US models feature auto-bias, tube cages, power indicator light, and upgraded parts and tubes (depending on model).

These amps do not include remotes. We have been authorized to sell them on-line, but we want to give our customers the first shot at these terrific amplifiers. The following pricing will be available to our customers only through the end of July. The remainder of the units will also be offered on-line.

Silver Luna Prestige

US MSRP $2,500.00 | B-Stock Price $1,250


US MSRP $3,000.00 | B-Stock Price $1,500

Mira Ceti

US MSRP $3,200.00 | B-Stock Price $1,600

Get yours before they're gone!