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Founded in 1986, Mapleshade began as Pierre Sprey’s home recording studio—affectionately referred to as “Edison’s Lab” by jazz great Walter Davis Jr. Mapleshade records live to two-track analog, transfer to digital at a rate 100 times faster than the CD standard, and use no add-on EQ, reverb or noise reduction electronics. Our recordings are made with only 2 to 4 microphones and no cables longer than 20 feet. The resulting sound has startling, “in-the-room” clarity, raw and exciting, full of the life that few studios capture.

The remarkably lifelike sound quality of Mapleshade CDs is a direct result of Pierre’s unconventional approach to good sound — and his unwillingness accept the dogmatic conventional wisdom of audio engineers. In his own words, “The wonderful thing about high end is the principle that only your ears count. And that’s a way of making brilliant advances in designing anything that has to do with audio, and certainly in designing ways of recording.” 

Succinctly stated, that’s the design philosophy that underlies both our recordings and hand-crafted audio cables, groundbreaking vibration control mounting systems, and a variety of other music upgrade products. Hi-fi is plagued by inferior sounding products turned out by designers relying on sine wave theory and sine wave test signals unrelated to music waveforms — without empirically verifying their theories by careful listening tests that use real music.

Our products were born from Pierre’s research to improve the sound quality of his studio recordings and playback, then later adapted for home use. Every Mapleshade product has been painstakingly refined by thousands of hours of ear testing, using our own purist recordings of live music. We take pride in offering quality handmade products that seriously improve the sound of any stereo — as demonstrated by our 30-day money back guarantee.

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