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Research, innovation, and development are what drives Micromega.

Adding world class manufacturing and reliability to their already legendary sound quality and value, Micromega aim’s to grow their business and delight their customers at the same time.

They also maintain control over their products’ quality by continuing to manufacture in their home country of France.

To enable a you to integrate the M-One products into your home décor, or suit your own individual taste, M-One products are available in leather, carbon, or aluminum. French craftsmen will see to it that you have an almost endless choice of finishes and colors to choose from. “Everything is possible.”

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M-One is not only an integrated amplifier, it’s a window into a unique musical experience.

The most demanding goals inspire engineers and designers to arrive at creative and innovative solutions. Micromega’s tailor made M-One integrated amplifiers are a perfect example!

No other audio product delivers such a feature-packed and modern product that fits into such a small and elegant space.

Against all the odds, Micromega’s engineers have managed to incorporate all of the latest connections: Bluetooth aptX, LAN-Network 24bit /384kHz Asynchronous, SPDIF Coax-Opto-AES 24bit / 768kHz USB asynchronous passing DXD, DSD, DOP…, Phono MM / MC, Analog balanced and unbalanced inputs, and DSP with automatic room correction (M.A.R.S) into an amazingly compact module, whose cabinet is cut in the mass of a single block of aluminum.

It’s an absolute engineering miracle !

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