Hegel Event at Command Performance: November 16th

As many of you know, we recently reacquired the Hegel electronics line from Norway. In our humble opinion, Hegel offers truly outstanding performance, especially for its price. All of Hegel’s products have a level of musicality rarely heard from moderately priced electronics.

The event will be held at our store, on November 16th from 6 – 9 pm. Light refreshments will be served.

At our Hegel event, we will be joined by Anders Ertzeid, Hegel’s VP of Marketing and Sales, and Eileen Gosvig, Hegel’s US sales manager.

The highlight of the event will be the East Coast premiere of Hegel’s newest (and last) CD player, the Mohican. The Mohican includes all of Hegel’s latest high-resolution digital technologies, but it’s optimized for standard 16 bit / 44.1 kHz resolution. This optimization enables what may be the most analog-sounding player you have ever heard, regardless of price.

Hegel will also be demonstrating their DACs, integrated amplifiers, and separates.


We invite you to come in and hear our latest electronics line: PrimaLuna.

PrimaLuna is one of the best known, most in-demand, and most reviewed line of tube electronics in the world. We are very happy that PrimaLuna has decided that Command Performance is the proper home for their products in the Metro-DC area.

By bringing in PrimaLuna, we are now able to offer a great-sounding, cost-effective solution for higher-powered tube-based stereo systems. PrimaLuna uses quality parts like Takman resistors, point-to-point wiring, and their one-of-a-kind adaptive autobias circuit, which allows the mixing-and-matching of different types of tubes to tailor the sound and power output. We are currently displaying the ProLogue Premium and DiaLogue Premium HP integrated amplifiers.

JL Audio

To complement our lines of speakers, we have just brought on-board one of the finest subwoofer lines in the world, JL Audio. JL Audio’s motto is “Engineered and built to perform like no other.” And from what we have heard, that is a very true statement.

JL subwoofers offer the most accurate bass performance we have heard from a line of subwoofers. Recently, JL Audio significantly expanded its offers and now makes subwoofers ranging in price from $1,000 to $15,000. All JL Audio subwoofers are built in the USA. We are displaying subwoofers from JL Audio’s Fathom v2, E-Sub, and Dominion lines.

We Need Your Trades

Trade-ins have been selling like hotcakes! We have been selling through trade-in and used gear at a very rapid rate. So, if you have any quality gear in good working condition, we would love to make you an offer. Just send the make, model, condition, and a picture to jon@commandav.com.

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