PS Audio Juice Bar II

Original Retail: $199
Specially Priced At: $99

PS Audio Juice Bar II

The ‘Unrestricted’ Power Extender

PS Audio’s Juice Bar II is a complete ground-up redesign of the company’s original Juice Bar power extender. The all-new Juice Bar II has been engineered to provide unrestricted current flow to each of its six outlets.

The Juice Bar II can be used as a stand-alone power distribution device. You can also use the Juice Bar II to extend the benefit of the clean, protected power provided by other power distribution products, such as PS Audio Power Centers or Power Plants.

The Juice Bar is noteworthy for what it does not include. Designed for maximum performance and unlimited current flow, the Juice Bar does not provide any protection such as a lightning arrestor, surge protector, or spike protector. Nothing that would limit current flow or interfere with the Juice Bar’s beautiful simplicity and quiet operation is included.

Four Duplex Power Ports Onboard

Four nickel-plated PS Audio Power Port duplex receptacles provide AC power for up to six components.

In most commercial power strips the resistance of the current flow increases with the distance from the power inlet. The Juice Bar II uses a pure copper buss bar power delivery system. This connects directly to each of the four Power Ports, which gives all of the outlets equal power delivery. A detachable power cord gives you upgrade options, too.