Rogue Audio Event – Saturday, February 11, from Noon-5pm

Rogue RH-5

We will be kicking off a new year of events with our friends from Pennsylvania, Rogue Audio.  Rogue is one of the great American audio success stories.  Rogue produces great sound, high-quality tube and tube hybrid electronics at prices competitive with mass-market Asian products.

Our event will be the East Coast premiere of Rogue’s highly anticipated RH-5 Headphone Amplifier.  Among its many features are:

  • 3- and 4-pin balanced XLR headphone jacks
  • Two pairs of standard 1/4″ headphone jacks
  • RCA and XLR inputs
  • 3.5 WPC output

Of course, we will also demonstrate other Rogue products, such as the Cronus Magnum integrated amplifier, PR-5 preamp, and ST100 amplifier.

We are very pleased that Rogue’s Mark O’Brian and Bill Magerman will lead the event.  It will be their first time in the store, so please give them a warm welcome.  We will serve light refreshments.