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Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with each customer to match the best equipment to your needs, desires, and constraints. We strive to create long-term relationships, not one-time sales.

We invite you to come by our store for an audition. You will find a comfortable, low-pressure environment with 4 showrooms. We offer new, demo, and trade-in equipment for sale.

You will be served by our staff, who are as passionate as you are about both music and audio equipment. Our experienced trio of home audio professionals seek out the finest in source components, amplification, and speakers in each price range. Take your time, ask questions, listen at your leisure; we’re here to help.

We are particularly proud of our experience in source equipment. We have extensive knowledge of both analog audio and modern digital streaming. We also have the largest selection of hands-on turntables, phono stages, streamers and DACs in the Middle Atlantic.

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Command Performance A/V3 days ago
Great reviews of the latest Focal speakers keep rolling in. Hometheaterreview.com just awarded the Focal Kanta No.2 and the Focal Sopra No.3 Products of the Year.

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Command Performance A/V4 days ago
We think the Ansuz X-series of products produce an extremely coherent, open sound not often found at their price range. Hifi + magazine just published a review of the X products and they totally agree. Come hear why the X products are one of our best sellers.

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V7 days ago
Trade in of the Week : Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i in stunning & very rare real Cherry wood finish.

One owner, less than 2 years old, with original boxes / etc.

An all British made full range speaker (i.e. usable bass down to 20hz) which occupies less than a square foot print (10.5 x 11.5 inches to be exact) AND less than 4 feet high!

MSRP : $12K+
ASKING : $5,700 only : more than 50% off!

More Information :
Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V1 week ago
Big Naim Audio event today at the store from 4 pm to 8 pm. Naim will be demonstrating their amazing 500-series electronics.
Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V1 week ago

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow from 4-8pm we’ll be having the special NAIM 500 series event, which includes the all new ND 555 streamer / DAC, as well NAC 552 preamp & NAP 500 DR power amp, all connected to Focal’s Scala Utopia speakers : a $150K+ system! The 500 series is NAIM's elite range of high-fidelity separates, surpassed only by Statement.

The distributors’s NAIM product specialist, Emmanuel Le Quere will be joining us. He’s truly the North American authority on all things NAIM, having been Canada’s most successful NAIM dealer for many years before joining forces with NAIM’s North American distributor, Audio Plus. Come with your most trickiest NAIM questions : he'll be able to answer them all!

Light refreshments will be served.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

#500-series" target="_blank">https://www.naimaudio.com/range/marque-separates#500-series
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