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Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with each customer to match the best equipment to your needs, desires, and constraints. We strive to create long-term relationships, not one-time sales.

We invite you to come by our store for an audition. You will find a comfortable, low-pressure environment with 4 showrooms. We offer new, demo, and trade-in equipment for sale.

You will be served by our staff, who are as passionate as you are about both music and audio equipment. Our experienced trio of home audio professionals seek out the finest in source components, amplification, and speakers in each price range. Take your time, ask questions, listen at your leisure; we’re here to help.

We are particularly proud of our experience in source equipment. We have extensive knowledge of both analog audio and modern digital streaming. We also have the largest selection of hands-on turntables, phono stages, streamers and DACs in the Middle Atlantic.

Command Performance A/V

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Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V1 week ago
Mu-so Extravaganza.

The best table-top music players on the market are now on sale.

Mu-so Qb. Normally $899, On-Sale for $699.
Mu-so. Normally $1,349. On-Sale for $999.

We have demos for even less, so now is the time to buy.

#mu-so" target="_blank">https://www.naimaudio.com/range/all-in-one-system#mu-so
Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V3 weeks ago
Excellent new review of the Aurender A10 music server in Stereophile's sister publication, Audiostream. The A10 is also the daily server of no less than John Atkinson, editor of Stereophile.

Come by CPAV to find out why Aurender's are so esteemed for their combination of excellent sound and build quality and ease of use! CPAV has been an Aurender dealer from almost their beginning & has the most experience with their proper installation & after service technical support.

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V3 weeks ago
Luxman's new 509X top of the line integrated amp earns Soundstage HiFi's "Recommended Reference Component" award! A good synopsis of the more in-depth review accompanies the award designation.

Make sure to come by and have a listen to one for yourself. We have the 509X, along with the 505uxII & 590AXII class-A integrated models, on active display every day @ CPAV!

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V3 weeks ago
Trade In of The Week :

Primaluna Prologue integrated tube amp. Just traded up : one owner, less than a year old in mint condition with all original packaging. $1799 OBO.

Rare opportunity. These always sell VERY fast. Best used integrated tube amp around for this kind of money. Even better deal now that replacement Evo 200 model price went up to $2999.

Don't delay : PM / Call or Visit soon!
Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V3 weeks ago
Excellent new review of the Innous Statement in HiFi+, where it also won "Server of the Year" award.

We've had opportunities to listen to the Statement both at shows and here at CPAV and the improvement in resolution, soundstage and naturalness of sound vs the prior top of the line Zenith SE, not to speak of the standard Zenith, are remarkable.