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Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with each customer to match the best equipment to your needs, desires, and constraints. We strive to create long-term relationships, not one-time sales.

We invite you to come by our store for an audition. You will find a comfortable, low-pressure environment with 4 showrooms. We offer new, demo, and trade-in equipment for sale.

You will be served by our staff, who are as passionate as you are about both music and audio equipment. Our experienced trio of home audio professionals seek out the finest in source components, amplification, and speakers in each price range. Take your time, ask questions, listen at your leisure; we’re here to help.

We are particularly proud of our experience in source equipment. We have extensive knowledge of both analog audio and modern digital streaming. We also have the largest selection of hands-on turntables, phono stages, streamers and DACs in the Middle Atlantic.

Command Performance A/V

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Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V3 hours ago
Excellent 5 star review of Aurender's latest : the ACS10 server / ripper! On active display @ CPAV. Come by for a demonstration.

We also offer rentals on the Nimbie bulk CD ripping transport, which works stand alone or with the ACS10 to make bulk copying of your CD's a breeze!

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V4 days ago
GREAT new video from John Darko of Darko Audio about the new Innous Zen MKII computer audio server.

Even if your considering another make or model (many others are mentioned), this video also has excellent general information on the importance of purpose built computer audio transports.

Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V5 days ago
Trade In Of The Week : Sutherland Engineering KC Vibe phono preamp. One owner / one year old in excellent condition with original box, manual, and power supply. One of our favorite phono preamp under $1K new, get this one for only $650 - a savings of almost 30%!

Features phenomenal purist circuit design for which Sutherland is so famous. MM & MC, with adjustable loading and gain with easy internal adjustments.

Check out the many excellent reviews online. Any other questions, please feel free to ask!
Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V6 days ago
A great new review of the Devore Gibbon X at Stereophile.
Command Performance A/V
Command Performance A/V2 weeks ago
First great review of the Focal Elegia headphone from Inner Fidelity, where the reviewer concludes :

"I’m deeply impressed at the level of muscular musicality and delicacy to presentation that the Elegia was capable of."

We have these for demo AND in stock! Come by and have a listen.

#bqWySstakDVQdUgV.99" target="_blank">https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/focal-elegia-review#bqWySstakDVQdUgV.99
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