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Turntables and records are hot. Why?

To many people, music played from a record (vinyl) sounds more natural.

Digital music (from cd players, streaming, etc.) only contains “samples” of the music at fixed intervals. Analog music from turntables reproduces the entire wave of the music. The choppiness of the sampling gives digital that “digital” sound.

Getting the most out analog equipment takes careful selection, matching, and setup.

Turntables, cartridges, tonearms, phono preamplifiers: We are experts in these areas and have professional tools to assist us in calibrating your perfect system. It’s our responsibility to get all of it right for you, whether yours is a $400 turntable package or a world-class, 6-figure system. And we can perform the setup in the store or at your home.

Our Analog Product Lines

AMG Turntables

Created with one goal: advancing the art of vinyl playback.

Benz Micro

A Swiss Firm Creating Class-Leading Phono Cartridges for 30+ Years

Brinkmann Audio

Helmut Brinkmann’s Never Ending Search for the Perfect Illusion


Top-Quality, German-Made Turntables and Cartridges


Headphones & Phono Cartridges, Hand-Built in Brooklyn Since 1953

NAD Electronics

NAD Defines “High-Value” in Hi-Fi Audio and Home Theater Components


Dedicated to the Faithful and Correct Representation of Recorded Sound


Based in Austria, Pro-Ject’s Turntable Range Represents Analog Done Right

Home Audio Product Lines analog