Announcing: Audio Physic speakers!

Announcing Audio Physic speakers authorized dealer Washington DC Virginia Maryland

Can a great sounding speaker also be beautiful and not be physically imposing? Yes, and Command Performance is now the exclusive DC-area dealer for Audio Physic loudspeakers from Germany.

This year, Audio Physic is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary. Their slogan is “no loss of fine detail.” That is because their design philosophy is that only when all of a loudspeaker’s elements work together precisely, right down to the finest detail, can the reproduction of music also become an unparalleled experience.

Audio Physic speakers range in price from $2,000 to $46,000, and include on-wall speakers, subwoofers, bookshelf speakers, and floorstanding speakers. Their finishes range from traditional walnut to exotic woods and glass over wood.

We are displaying the following models:
· Classic Compact
· Classic 10
· Classic 20
· Classic 30
· Avanti Jubilee
· Avantera +