Capital AudioFest is just around the corner—November 2-4!

Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Ctr.
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, 20852, 301-468-1100.

We’ll have 4 great rooms of exceptional audio gear for you to fall in love with!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear all this great equipment while listening to some wonderful music. We hope to see you there!

Room 1:

Doshi Audio Electronics – “Every Doshi Audio component is designed to achieve two goals: The first is to be true to the audio signal; the second is to provide trouble-free, optimal operation of all our units.” Nick Doshi

Devore Speakers – “Our goal at DeVORE FIDELITY is to create products that communicate the life-breath of music. We believe that the best means to this end combines the art of aesthetics with the science of physics in such a way that each complements the other, and together yield a product far greater than the sum of its parts.”

J.Sikora Standard MAX Turntable – US Premier “We offer 3 turntable models – Initial, Standard and Reference – made of the highest quality diverse materials, which together with the highest quality tonearms, cartridges and corrective phono stages enable perfect audio playback and the best possible use of music potential hidden in a vinyl record.”

Innuos Statement Music Server – “More progress in the quest for high fidelity in digital audio than all upsampling and high-resolution formats combined.” Review quote.

Transparent Cables – “Since its founding in 1980, Transparent Audio has been in a continual state of refinement, seeking not only to make our well-known products better and better with each generation, but also to create entirely new products that serve the needs of our customers.”

Room 2:

Naim Audio Component Electronics, featuring the new NDX 2 streamer – “Streamlined connectivity from an exceptionally engaging network player.”

Dynaudio Speakers, featuring the new Confidence bookshelf speakers – “Dynaudio stands out because of the competencies in technology and craftsmanship” – Wilfried Ehrenholz, Founder, Dynaudio

Room 3:

Naim Uniti Electronics – “Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source.”

Focal Speakers, featuring the Kanta No.1 bookshelf speakers – “This bookshelf loudspeaker from the Kanta N°1 line will discreetly blend into any unit or stand: it is the perfect solution for rooms under 270 ft2 (25 m²).”

J. Sikora Initial Black Turntable – “We are concerned with designing and producing the advanced analogue turntables. We are lovers of good music played at home in the best possible quality. J.Sikora brand was built on this foundation and the need to share our own passion.”

Room 4:

Lifestyle Lounge
Focal Headphones, featuring the new Elegia – “To enjoy an incredible listening experience in total privacy, without worrying about a noisy environment disturbing this moment of pleasure: this is the promise made and kept by Elegia.”

Naim MU-SO all-in-one electronics – “Beneath its anodised aluminium skin Mu-so is alive with innovation.”

Doshi Headphone Preamp – “The Doshi philosophy can be expressed in one word: balance. A balance of classical and cutting-edge technologies, of measured and musical performance, of professional and residential design advantages.”

MSB Discrete DAC – “With two prime DACs, we yield an unprecedented level of detail, reproducing the musicality, soundstage, and texture of an original performance, bringing the artist to you. A fully balanced, ultra-high precision, discrete ladder DAC architecture ensures each note tells a story.”

Innuos Zen Mini Mk. III Music Server w/ Outboard Power Supply – “Designed for music lovers who mostly want to enjoy music on Multi-room and entry-level Hi-Fi systems.”