CPAV Customer Is Focal’s Listener of the Month!

“I have been consumer of AV for a while but I really started getting into higher end in the last 6 to 7 years. I discovered Focal after extensive research of high-end 2-channel setup and home theater options when I was looking to upgrade my Martin Logan 7.2 system.

I finally decided to buy a pair of Focal Kanta N°3 floorstanding speakers with the Kanta Center Channel powered by NAD Master Series M17V2, M22V2 and M27 amplification system. Ultimately what sealed the deal for me was the precision of soundstage provided by the Beryllium tweeters and, the incredible bass from the Flax cone drivers. The modern aesthetic, premium components and service provided by my dealer Command Performance AV were just the icing on the cake I was looking for to push me over the edge and I couldn’t be happier.”