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Founded in France, in 1979, Focal has become one of the world’s premier loudspeaker brands. Focal headphones continue in that tradition of excellence.

Get a taste of listening to your favorite music in total intimacy. No sooner were they launched, than these high-end headphones were recognized as being the best in the world, and they’ll satisfy your demands for pure sound.


Focal Chorus 700 Series

Focal created the Chorus range to make high-fidelity widely accessible. Chorus brings Focal technologies into the houses of music lovers who want to experience true high-quality sound. They’ll be sure to find the best product in this price range, a product designed specifically for them.
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Focal Aria 900 Series

Treat yourself to true high-end acoustics: Aria’s harmonic richness is the guarantee of high-fidelity music.
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Focal Electra 1000 Be 2 Series

Passion is in the cards with the Electra 1000 Be: the music will reveal all its secrets and all its nuances with this line of high-end loudspeakers.
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Focal Kanta No. 2

Entirely dedicated to acoustic performance and with a resolutely disruptive aesthetic: that, in a nutshell, is the Kanta DNA!
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Focal Sopra Series

Sopra reveals the invisible, the essence of the music. The harmonic richness fills the room like never before. The aspiration to achieve a sleek design will delight enthusiasts of design and sound. Sopra opens a gateway to a world of new sensations and emotions.
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Focal Utopia III Series

Utopia III will make you feel right at the heart of the music. Let yourself be taken away by new emotions. Let yourself be taken away by the extreme, by extravagance in essence. As if you were listening to your music for the very first time…
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Focal Utopia Evo Series

Evo stands for evolution… Since 2008, when Utopia III was launched, Focal’s technological heritage has grown enormously. Therefore it was essential to integrate the most recent innovations into this exceptional collection. For a never-ending pleasure…
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