Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i

Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i

Original Retail: $12,000
Specially Priced At: $5,700

Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i (Trade-In)

Customer trade-in / trade-up. Neat Acoustics Momentum SX7i in stunning & very rare real Cherry wood finish. One owner, less than 2 years old, with grills, original boxes, etc.

The Momemtum SX7i Neat’s top-of-the-line speaker in the Momemtum range. It is an all British made full range speaker (i.e. usable bass down to 20hz) which occupies less than a square foot print (10.5 x 11.5 inches to be exact) AND less than 4 feet high!

MSRP : $12K+
ASKING : $5,700 only : more than 50% off!




Size (hxwxd): 120 x 22 x 23cm

Footprint: 27x29cm

Weight: 36Kg each

Impedance: 8 Ohms (minimum 5 Ohms)

Sensitivity: 88dB/1 watt

System: 2.5-way iso-baric bass reflex, incorporating integral iso-baric subwoofer