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Real Sound for Real People

More than 3 decades ago, Paul Barton began building audio speakers in the workshop where his father had hand-built Paul’s first violin.

Paul Barton’s love of music, appreciation for cabinet design, and commitment to producing better loudspeaker than any in existence culminated in the founding of PSB speakers in 1972.

Still working as Chief Designer, Paul heads a team of talented audio engineers, creating world-class speakers at prices that make the entire speaker and headphone line one of audio’s greatest values.

The overriding goal? To create speakers that are true to the music. PSB’s relationship with the National Research Council in Canada allows regular evaluations of each loudspeaker design in the Council’s chamber. Sound engineers then compare the laboratory results with real-world room measurements and double-blind listener tests to ensure that each speaker sounds as true to the source as possible.

At Command Performance AV, we admire this dedication to the faithful reproduction of music. We think you will, too. Come in soon and listen!

Get up close and personal with your hi-fi! Paul Barton’s team has taken their 40 years of experience bringing real sound to real people and packed it into an exciting new series of high fidelity headphones. You’re listening to music more than ever before; now you can do it in comfort and style with true-to-the-source sound quality. These new headphones bring you so close to the music, like the music was meant just for you.

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