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Power Meets Beauty

Raidho Acoustics is committed to designing and building the best loudspeakers ever made. As the DC area’s official authorized dealer, we believe they’ve reached that goal. This is a company that dares to be unique, to explore new designs, and to put their ideas into top-quality, state-of-the-art products you’ll be proud to own.

If it’s been a while since you’ve auditioned a pair, or if you’ve never heard Raidho, we look forward to your visit. You will not be disappointed!

Audiophiles the world over consider Raidho’s products to be among the finest loudspeakers ever created. And these exceptional speakers’ appeal doesn’t stop with the sound: they are also valued by aficionados who demand as much aesthetically as they do sonically. These are speakers that are nearly as beautiful to behold as they are to hear.

Handmade Speakers

There is little point in innovative developers creating outstanding designs, and skilled carpenters building beautiful cabinets using the finest materials, if the elements are not assembled with due care.

All the units in a loudspeaker are designed, manufactured, and assembled in house. In the design process, they seek to create something unique, and the reward is a very special harmony in the interplay between design and sound.

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