Scansonic Speakers

Scansonic began building high-quality loudspeakers in 1971.

Since that time, they have evolved into an international company, offering a wide range of own “in-house” Danish designed and developed hi-fi and home cinema loudspeakers, tabletop radios, and hi-fi products that meet your needs and preferences with regard to modern functional design, quality, and attractive pricing.

The make is new to the US; however, they have a great lineage. Scansonc speakers are made by the same folks who make the world-class, cost-no-object Raidho speakers. Their use of less exotic materials in this line allows the manufacturer to make a full range of speakers that start at under $1,000 and tops-out at $5,000. While less expensive than Raidhos, they share the same immersive soundstage and musicality as their more expense cousins.

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