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Sound Performance Lab

For more than 30 years, Sound Performance Lab from Germany has developed audio gear for music, film, multimedia, hi-fi, and broadcast.

Milestones of the company’s R&D history include:

  • the invention of the patented Vitalizer® sound optimization
  • the invention of the Transient Designer – the mother of all transient designing tools
  • the invention of the Auto-dynamic De-Esser – eliminating S-sounds by phase cancellation
  • the launch of the world’s first discrete 5.1 surround miking system Atmos 5.1 already in 1998
  • the development of the SPL 120V rail op-amps which are the integral components of the top-of-line SPL products, setting new benchmarks in audio signal processing to outperform any existing analog or digital audio format.
  • the invention of the Phonitor matrix that produces a loudspeaker equivalent playback on headphones

We strive to create innovative and fascinating audio products.

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