Stereophile on Capital Audio Fest 2016

Capital Audio Fest 2016

“No matter what equipment they play, retailer Command Performance AV out of Falls Church, VA always makes big, intense, sensational sound.”

This year was no exception (well maybe it was slightly better than usual). I am a fan of red loudspeakers, and I am a fan of Focal speakers, and these red Focal Sopra No.2 speakers ($13,999/pair) really made me smile and relax. But they also had this lively—very spirited—punch and pop type presentation that brought a nice life to every recording.”

The Sopras were powered by a Micromega N-One 100 integrated amplifier/DAC phono/streamer ($3999), an Aurender N10 Music Server ($7999), an AMG Giro Turntable ($10,000) with a DS Audio Optical Cartridge and phono stage. This system was plugged into a Vibex Generalife power conditioner ($1695) and connected all around with Ansuz cables.

—Herb Reichert, Stereophile